Monday, May 2, 2011

So Long....

The day has finally come.... THE NEW BLOG HAS LAUNCHED!!! Yes, Prince William also got married, but really what's more important? This will be the final post made on this blog. Please visit the new blog at and don't forget to update your bookmark. This blog will remain at this address until the new website is launched, at which time this blog will be archived on the new blog.

It's been a great run, dear old Blogger blog. Enjoy playing with the other old-school blogs out there on the farm. Mom says there's going to be lots of room to run and plenty of old blogs to play with...

I'll miss you (kind of) xo xo!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

MEGA Blog!!!

Hello citizens of the internets! It's been awhile since we've talked :) There just never seems to be enough hours in my day. Right now I'm rocking six inches of bad roots, my kids pants are all comically short and my husband has developed an inappropriate relationship with the Food Network.

I aim to launch the new blog and website by the end of March. Posting on this blog is ridiculously laborious, and I can't wait to launch the new one. I'm thinking I'll be a much better boyfriend once it's up and running :)

In the meantime, here's a look at what I've been up to. The following sessions will appear in full on the new now you have to come back! ;)

Marissa & John's Wedding

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rachel and Jared's Engagement

This session is representative of my favorite way to shoot, in that we bounce around style-wise quite a bit. In the real world there are lots of places where we must turn away from the proverbial "buffet" and make lasting choices; in our partners, our careers... But within the world of art, we are removed from the need to define ourselves so narrowly and permanently. So feel free to come to your engagement session dressed as Elvis...


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rose and David

One of the beautiful summer weddings I never had time to blog. I'm slowly working my way through the back log of un-blogged work as time allows. Please visit my Facebook page for a complete look at this beautiful wedding!

Here are the vendors who worked so hard to make this event perfect!
Venue: Hollytree Country Club
Flowers: La Tee Da
Cake: Village Bakery
Band: Otis and the Metro Band


Friday, December 10, 2010

A Little Business...

Good morning everyone! I hope this Christmas season is feeling merry and bright! We've at least got bright covered, thank you seventy degree weather in December...

I wanted to give you a few important updates:

1. Thank you to Lauren and Nikki, our Facebook Fan contest winners! Stay tuned for details about our next contest. We need to reach 500 fans to keep the goodness flowing.

2. If you need to reach me without actually speaking, please use my email address, as opposed to texting. This will ensure your important message doesn't get missed.

3. New packaging, a new blog and finally...a website are in the works! I'm also in the process of designing new packages and a complete product line that will give you lots of beautiful ways to display/use your images.

4. Finally, new blog posts are coming. It will be awhile yet before I return to slide shows. In fact, I'd love to hear from you guys about slide shows! Does anybody watch them??? Would you rather see a show every quarter with images from several different weddings or do you like seeing one wedding at a time??? Do you care, haha???

Instead of an image, I give you the second-best (sorry Joe) Christmas song ever :) Happy Friday!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Making Tracks

Good morning! I will be out of town until Monday, December 6th. If you need to reach me during this time, please message me at I will be traveling to Chicago via train so my coverage may be spotty but I will return your messages as soon as possible.

I know lots of you are anxiously awaiting your completed work and I thank you for your patience. Please be assured I will be working while I travel; in fact someone will get their wedding processed in the Ozarks, haha!

And for a little icing on the cake: one of my favorite frames from Pam and Shawn's engagement session...